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I'm a musician who does vgm covers here, on yt, and soundcloud. Hi! :)



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Hey there, been awhile

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and come back here and didn't realize just how outdated the information here was. A lot has happened so I've decided to give you all an update:

  1. Rebrand - I have changed my name (again), don't worry, I like this one so I'm keeping it. Spelling is just a little weird, apparent "Yuki K" and "YukiK" aren't available, so "YukiKei" will have to do.
  2. Links - I've updated the links to the other places you can find me online, You can find those links at the bottom of this page (and on my profile obviously). Special mention of my Landing Page (more on that later.
  3. Licensed Music - Some people may have noticed this awhile ago after my last visit back to NG, the very latest music submission (at the time of writing this post, Rush Hour) is not available for download, this has to do with me trying to avoid some legal troubles. You see, starting in 2019, I started licensing my covers (arrangements really) and distributing them to multiple different online platforms, this is me trying to make a living off of music (one of many things I've always wanted to do). This means I need to pay for a licenses from the original authors so that they can earn a cut of the revenue (that they deserve) earned from the track (making this whole thing legal). This is the reason why you can't download that track, I feel like if I'm "charging a fee" to get this track track everywhere but one place. 1. That's defeating the purpose of being a licensed artist and 2. That's really not fair to the original author because I'm taking away the opportunity for them to earn revenue by making the track free to obtain.
  4. The Landing Page - As mentioned previously, I now have what's called a landing page. it's basically a "one-stop shop" for my licensed music. Going there will greet you with previews of some of the currently released tracks, and links to places where you can stream and purchase the tracks.
  5. My Touhou Album - Last thing, back in September of last year, I released my first licensed "cover" song album; "Connections with Spirits." It features arrangements of tracks from the Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night and Touhou FÅ«jinroku ~ Mountain of Faith, the 8th and 10th games in that series. You can check out previews of that on my landing page, as well as stream/purchase it on all major platforms.

Sorry about that last part being a real light novel of a post, but a lot of things have happened and just wanted to make everyone who follows me aware of what's going on.

The Promised links:

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/yukik

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Yuki_KVGM

Landing Page - http://smarturl.yukik/

That's all for now, I'll try not to be a stranger going forward (NG is really where I got my start, and I don't like the idea of abandoning it).

Okay thank byee! o/

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